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So, we seem to be a quiet bunch...

What are you up to in terms of beta reading? I'd love to hear how everyone is doing, and see if there are fandom trends impacting .

Specifically, what does your author load look like right now? How's your turnaround time? Are you still beta reading, or are you on hiatus? Are you still reading fanfiction, and if so, does that change your standards for quality in stories?

(I'll go first: At present, I have an author load of 0. My turnaround time is speed of light, because I'm om hiatus--work presently comes with a lot of computer time, including document editing, so that's about all I can do in a day. Otherwise, I'm beta reading more technical fan writing, such as websites and systems. I have a bunch of fics bookmarked to read over the summer. In the meantime, I have basically one non-fanfic author that I annoy constantly with editing.)

How about you? Ten points if you can spot which word(s) I deliberately avoided twice above because I'm too sleepy to remember which of the homophones to use where. ;)
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