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Happy 2008!

The new year has started and there's a bit of a lull in fests--much to the relief of many, I think!

Do you beta-read for people who take part in the rush of winter holiday exchanges? Do you seek out these beta jobs? If you do, do you find that you take a different approach to feedback or quality issues? If you write for a fest or exchange, do you expect a different quality of beta reading than you might for other stories?
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people who use me know what to expect.

i don't just do SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar)... that's why I don't accept many gigs, or accept chaptered fic that are in the middle of their story arch... because i'm rather intense with it.

ask sassy_cissa... i've had her re-write entire sections when she was already late for submitting a hol fic exchange.

but i'm not iron-fisted about it. if i say "this section doesn't work", i'll go ahead and SPAG it, just in case you say "well, i can't really think of a better way to do this section..."

if i can't provide a recommendation for revision, then i can't really expect the author to come up with one out-of-the-blue, either, can i?

but i really have one-mode when it comes to beta'ing... and it's probably turned a lot of people off. the mode is: full-on, complete, no holds barred mode. regardless of if its for a fic exchange or no.

i think that's why i never volunteer to mass-beta fic exchanges... i'd never leave the house. ;-)


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No one's commented yet? Well, I'll start... (ETA: Ah, okay, I see comments are screened first.)

I beta-read fics for merry_smutmas and yuletide this year. I don't purposely seek them out but rather they were for people I know and/or have already beta'd for in the past. One of the things that I do ask for when I beta these is the giftee's original request. It helps to know what the writer/gifter is striving for besides the usual SPaG and plot review.
Apparently I just never fixed things after DH came out and the trolls went away. Argh!
When being asked to beta fics for a fest, I just treat them as normal stories. I look at the prompt the person was given, and then pretty much ignore it. For me, it's the quality of the actual story, rather than how well it fits the prompt.