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But, But, But...

Happy Holidays, all. Hoping, however you celebrate them, you enjoy a peaceful, lovely time. Fending off much snow here, but that's not unusual.

I've been busy working with a bunch of holiday fest fics and the same issue keeps bugging me. It's the word 'but'. I'm forever correcting the use of the word at the beginning of a sentence. I was taught that whatever the sentence was, it was not really a complete sentence if it started with 'but'. I note this mistake everytime with the same people and it often gets ignored; making me look like I didn't notice the mistake. Am I wrong here or does this just not matter anymore? My son insists that in everyday conversation it would be acceptable, but not in technical writing. Which still leaves me wondering, do I keep pointing it out? Ignore it after pointing it out once? Accept the changing times?

I was also taught that you need a comma before the word 'but', unless it is in a sentence like the following. 'Harry was happy in all but that one area of his life.' Should I continue to note this, as well?

I come from the old school and writing standards were rigid. Modern writing has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet, blogging, netspeak.....etc. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on it.
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