Looking for a beta for Slam Dunk Fic

1. Pen Name: HanaHeart
2. Fandom: Slam Dunk Anime
3. Rating of the story: NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Nothing too much except maybe some small references to some events in the anime but nothing major.
5. Pairing: Sendoh/Rukawa and maybe some other minor ones
6. Beta Type: Well, Grammer, spelling, used of words, Characterization, continuity and consistency of the plot and characters, also I'm in desperate need of help in writing sex parts...thought they won't be much.
7. warnings: well, there is mention of rape, dubious consent, and heavy angst.
8. Harshness: 75% would be okay, I guess?
9. Other: This is AU. Sets when Sendoh and Rukawa are working adults.

Looking for a beta for HP fic

I'm looking for a beta for my HP fic
It's AU, Slash, Mpreg.
The main pairing is Remus/Snape with Sirius/Remus and OMC/Snape on the side...

Summery: While his boyfriend in a coma for three years, driven by loneliness, a drunken Remus sleeps with an equally drunken Snape, resulting in Snape getting pregnant. Snape hides the fact of his pregnancy from everyone. However, after the last battle, he's declared dead.
One year after the end of the war, Remus, who was living in the streets due to the Werewolves' new laws and restrictions, runs into a very much alive Snape and his twin children.

But, But, But...

Happy Holidays, all. Hoping, however you celebrate them, you enjoy a peaceful, lovely time. Fending off much snow here, but that's not unusual.

I've been busy working with a bunch of holiday fest fics and the same issue keeps bugging me. It's the word 'but'. I'm forever correcting the use of the word at the beginning of a sentence. I was taught that whatever the sentence was, it was not really a complete sentence if it started with 'but'. I note this mistake everytime with the same people and it often gets ignored; making me look like I didn't notice the mistake. Am I wrong here or does this just not matter anymore? My son insists that in everyday conversation it would be acceptable, but not in technical writing. Which still leaves me wondering, do I keep pointing it out? Ignore it after pointing it out once? Accept the changing times?

I was also taught that you need a comma before the word 'but', unless it is in a sentence like the following. 'Harry was happy in all but that one area of his life.' Should I continue to note this, as well?

I come from the old school and writing standards were rigid. Modern writing has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet, blogging, netspeak.....etc. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on it.

My Brain's Exploding

I was in a chatroom the other day for nanowrmo and the subject of tense and some of the more obscure classifications of tenses came up. Most of us were English majors and thought we knew this stuff pretty well. However, I decided to do some research and I found a site that totally blew my mind. I admit, it's been a long time since I was in college, but some of these I don't remember at all. I am trying to go through these exercises slowly as a refresher, but the reading is pretty dry and without relevant examples to follow, I'm just not remembering the stuff. It makes perfect sense at the time, but some of it just isn't sticking with me. Luckily, most English composition comes easily to me, but I feel a little overwhelmed by some of this. Anyone have favorite sites that they refer to when needed? I have a few, but they don't really go as in-depth as this one:


Fix or Note Errors?

I was wondering how other betas work on their documents. Do you go through a story and automatically fix the little things like adding commas, simple misspellings and other easy fixes? Or do you pretty much note all of the errors and let the author make the changes? I've often found so many little mistakes that it was easier to just fix them, but then some authors do not copy and paste the document I work on. So it makes more sense to point out every single little error. When I'm working in Buzzword I do a lot of the easy fixes and just let the author know because they will export the document right from the Buzzword site to their computer. All other things that are noted are always highlighted for the author. Wondering how others deal with the very small things. Fix or highlight?

Another Question

I had another question for you all. Have you ever beta'd for two different people who have fics entered in the same fest? I had someone ask the other day and I had already done one for someone and didn't feel comfortable about having them both in the same competition, so I told her I was not able to do that one. How do you feel about it? It almost seemed like a bit of a conflict of interest, even though I didn't write the stories. 

Writing Skill vs SP&G

So okay, I've been beta-ing for about three years and for much of that time it has been mostly in the gen-fic genre. Since becoming more active in the LJ comms I have noticed some differences in the writing skills. What I notice most is that people are writing for fests, exchanges and challenges most of the time. This is different than on the general fanfic archive sites and yahoo groups where the fics tend to be longer and plottier. I've always been into the long, epic, multi-chaptered fics and I'm finding very few on the LJ sites. 

What I'm finding is a whole LOT of pwps. While there is nothing wrong with that, per se, I'm finding that the skill level of the author seems to take a nosedive when writing pwps. Ok, so they aren't intended to have much plot. I get that. For the most part the sp&g is acceptable and just needs a bit of tweaking. But as I go through these little fics, I find that someone who is normally a good writer falls apart completely when writing sex scenes. I'm finding that they are writing scene's that are completely flat, lifeless and about as interesting as a nap. I realize that many of these authors are young and have limited experience and it shows in their fics.

I guess my point in bringing it up is, I'm wondering how much I say to someone who gives me a 1500 word piece that is technically well-written with few typos or errors, yet it's .......well, awful. How do I tell someone that their little pwp leaves me cold? Do you all have similar experiences or do I just need to start screening my beta jobs better? I don't have a problem telling someone when I think certain passages will flow better if written differently and making suggestions on how to create better phrasing, smoother transitions and tighter structure, but what do you do when the whole thing just sucks. I looked at two pieces this morning and they are free of errors, but they're awful. Both are just short fics for exchanges, but I'm kind of embarrassed to have the author list my name as the beta. It will probably make us both look bad.

How do you all handle stuff like that? Do you simply do the basic evaluating and call it good? I can't exactly tell the author that starting over would be the only way to fix the problem. Any insight would be appreciated.

(no subject)

 Hi all! I've been beta reading for a few years, but I'm fairly new to LJ. I noticed that there hasn't been much discussion on the site for a long time. Wondering if anyone is still around to chat a bit about beta reading? I've talked with a couple of other betas, but other than that just pretty much been on my own. It'd be good to bounce a few ideas back and forth.  

Beta Sign-ups for Alice in Wonderland Big Bang

We are currently seeking betas for the aiw_big_bang .  This is a fanfic/art challenge that seeks to encourage writers to create quality, novella length, new fanfic inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as well as to encourage artists to create outstanding art to accompany those fics.  The resulting works are then released together in a big bang.  We have writers from the following fandoms seeking betas: Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Syfy's Alice, Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and Lewis Carroll's books.

These projects are top secret unless you happen to be one of the beta readers—reason enough to volunteer.  Beta sign-ups begin on September 29th and end November 14th.  As a beta reader you might be asked to help with plot, grammar, or research.  You might provide a shoulder to cry on or a kick in the pants.

If you are curious or think you might be willing to beta a fic (or two, or three), please head over to the community and check out the beta sign-up post.